I am honored to be a Petition Candidate for 2020 IEEE Division IX Director -Elect’2021 who will then serve as 2022 IEEE Division IX Director

Invitation to support the Petition Candidacy of Prof. Ferial El-Hawary for the IEEE Division IX Director-Elect in the up-coming 2020 IEEE Annual Elections.

Member Societies in Division IX are:

  • Signal Processing Society (SP)
  • Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society (AES)
  • Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRS)
  • Information Theory Society (IT)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems Society (ITS)
  • Oceanic Engineering Society (OE)
  • Vehicular Technology Society (VT)

Members of any one of the Division IX societies listed above including Graduate Students and Higher Grades can sign the petition to be placed on the upcoming election ballot for Division IX Director-Elect. Please go to the URL: www.ieee.org/petition and sign up using your IEEE username/password. Then click on “Annual Election Petitions” which will take you to signature page with Prof. El-Hawary’s name. Please sign before the deadline of 08 May 2020, noon time.

Ferial El-Hawary is a Petition Candidate for IEEE Division IX


Dr. Ferial El-Hawary (M’82-S’86-F’99) received B.Eng. from University of Alexandria, M. Sc. from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, in Electrical Engineering; and Ph.D. in Oceans Engineering from MUN, Canada. Dr. El-Hawary is President of BH Engineering Systems Ltd. and former Professor, Faculty of Engineering at Dalhousie University, Canada where she established and directed the Modeling & Signal Analysis Research Laboratory. Her sustained research is devoted to Control and Signal Processing for OCEANS Applications with significant impact in the Marine Industry. Published widely in IEEE Journals. She is the Editor-in-Chief of The Ocean Engineering Handbook CRC Press, 2nd Ed. 2004. Served as Associate Editor of IEEE Oceanic Engineering Journal. Experience in Academic Institutions for over 25 years. As founder of BH Engineering Systems Ltd., established professional development courses linking academic innovations to industrial needs. Fellow of Marine Technology Society (MTS), Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC), and Life Fellow of IEEE.

Download Ferial’s Resume

Voting will open on August 15, 2020.


I hope that you agree with my vision and will support my Petition with your

signature as well as by encouraging your IEEE colleagues, friends, and 

graduate students around the world to do the same. Thank you for your 



IEEE and its member societies have been a significant part of my professional life.  Serving as Division IX Director will allow me to reach my goal in contributing to the growth of membership in the technical societies. 

  • As a Multi-disciplinary professionl Engineer belong to number of IEEE Technical Societies serving as AdCom member, I have the ability to promote joint cross-disciplinary initiatives in Division IX to encourage collaboration between its Societies to focus and promote overlapping advanced technologies.
  • Advocate strengthening and expanding the role of the Young Professionals and Graduate Students within Division IX Societies.
  • Work to grow a truly global organization and embrace membership from IEEE ten Regions, I will encourage developing more students Branch Chapters based on my past experience as OES Membership Development Chair. 
  • Corporate membership is the first and highest priority to obtain
  • Support outreach efforts to under-represented groups and promoting diversity regardless of gender, age, ethnics and nationality.
  • Work to develop more Industrial Scholarships in our areas of interest to raise societies visibility and encourage continuity of student and graduate student memberships.
  • Work to increase recruiting more volunteers and have fair participation from different groups of IEEE.
  • Consider Special Networking Event between Division IX Societies, I believe that a Bi-annual Division IX Congress may be among the possible ways to grow the Division and its Societies membership.
  • Follow up on the efforts made by TAB and Division IX on Strategic Planning and work on implementing the necessary action items.
  • I have the experience as an IEEE volunteer for 30 years with enthusiasm and abilities to contribute to IEEE. Through my leadership Skills I will work tireless to communicate members concerns to the Board of Directors with societies advice on all related issues that benefit all. I am honored to serve as Division IX Delegate/Director (2022-2023) once elected.


Ferial is the recipient for many awards recognizing her contributions with devoting services to IEEE:

  • 1997 IEEE-OES Distinguished Service Award
  • 2008 IEEE-SMC Outstanding Contribution Award
  • 2007 IEEE-EAB Meritorious Achievement in Continuing Education
  • 2002 IEEE /R-7 Eastern Canada Council Merit Award
  • 2001 IEEE/ R-7 Outstanding Service Award
  • 2017 “Murugan Memorial”, Contributions to IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section
  • 2018  In Appreciation of her Efforts to Promote IEEE Quebec Section


  • 2019  For her Leadership and Dedications to IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section
  • 2005 MTS Compass International Award
  • 2002   The J.J. Archambault IEEE/ Eastern Canada Council Merit Award.
  • 2001 IEEE- Canada Wally Read Service Award for Outstanding Service and contribution to IEEE-Canada
  • 2000 IEEE Third Millennium Medal Award
  • 1999  IEEE/RAB Achievement Award
  • 1997  Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC)
  • 1985 Fellow Marine Technology Society (MTS)
  • 1999 Life Fellow IEEE